Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dreaming of Classic Wooden Yachts

 If you are like me, you are a bit of a dreamer. How pleasant it is to leave this world of reality and enter the realm of daydreams.

My fantasy dream world is in Peace Haven, the Harbour of Wooden Ships. Anchored in the sheltered cove there are many beautiful and graceful ladies of the sea. Their etched lines tell of past heroics, hard honest work, times of jubilation, triumph over the odds, and battles with the elements: wind and waves, snow, rain and fog.

The test of years has proven their worth, and they are ready for more adventures. They hunger for open waters, for fine sailing and fair winds - the Trades and palm fringed atolls, sea shanties and the laughter of happy crews. They relish the short sharp, slapping seas of the Channel, the biting, whining wind and the long ocean swells of testing and delight. Gales, and wicked waves, hail and snow; nothing can prevail against them until the sun shines again. Then, all is calm and peace. There is a gentle rolling, and the rhythmic creaking of a mast; silence until the wind returns to take them home.

When it is all done, and back in port they rest. They reflect and are glad. Men work. They repair and renovate, paint and varnish, scrape, pitch and tar; patch and sew, splice and whip, and make ready for the next adventure. They victual ship and dream.

Fine ladies of the sea are beautified again – revitalized; their bones are far from the muddy grave in The Creek of Death. Rejuvenated they live on, cherished by the sons of men of the sea who will die before them, their souls to be reunited on the everlasting Ocean of Peaceful Dreams.


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A Traditional Falmouth Gaff Cutter – ‘Ro-an-mor’

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Stephen Mundane said...

Pure poetry Bill -- thanks for the imagery and the great blog.