Friday, November 21, 2014

Sailboat Links for You While I’m on Shore Leave

The essential function of the Internet is the transference of information between computers, and much of the information takes the form of stored knowledge by means of digital systems. Knowledge empowers those who posses it. An essential characteristic of the human is his ‘frontal lobe’ which is the part of his brain that processes knowledge, and accordingly he can determine actions and responses to it. Our curiosity and quest for more knowledge is almost universal for those who have cognitive ability.

 In recent days, anyone with a TV, radio, computer or smartphone will have heard of Philea, the spacecraft that landed on Comet 67P after 3,907 days getting there from the surface of the earth. This is one example of man’s quest for knowledge, and of man’s desire to tell others of his discoveries.

Now, it’s no secret that all of us have particular interests, and we are motivated by them. We delight in learning more of them and applying our newfound knowledge for our satisfaction. Many who read these pages are avid consumers of facts relating to small sailing craft. That is one reason why you return time and again. I happen to enjoy researching the subject which thrills me, and I get a kick out of communicating my enthusiasm.

This business of communication is another facet of human activity. We are not contented with assimilating knowledge; we want to share it with others. For this reason I want to publicize links leading to web pages containing information about many small sailboats and activities associated with them. Here they are:

 Sailboat Links Pages

‘Photos of Boats I Have Owned – Part 1’ (The first of eight pages)

Cruising Logs’ This gives access to articles I have written about my various sailboat adventures.

‘Small Sailboats’ Here, there is a collection of links to my articles featuring small sailing boats.

‘Web Links - Miscellaneous’ This takes you to a number of small sailboat websites.

Other Links

Philae (Spacecraft)

Frontal Lobe

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