Monday, November 10, 2014

MG Spring 25 Cruiser Racer Yacht


Wing keel of a MG Spring 27, similar to the MG Spring 25
I noticed this colourful MG Spring 25 cruiser/racer at Rice and Cole. Aptly, she has the name ‘Spring Chicken’. By surfing the NET, I subsequently discovered she was owned by Giles and Lorna Alden who had her for 21 years since 1990.

What is interesting to me is not who owners her, but her wing keel which gives her a relatively shallow draught along with the ability to dry out on level ground. The twin rudders also help in this respect by giving a measure of support.

P.S. I've just updated the Small Sailboats links page to include The Winkle Brig and the Drascombe Coaster:


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Unknown said...

I owner spring chicken for a few years, I got her from Giles.
She was a fantastic boat, great to sail😊