Monday, November 17, 2014

MGC 27 Cruiser-racer

The MGC 27, designed by Rob Humphreys, originally started life as the Contessa 27. At that time, in the early 1980s, she was marketed by Jeremy Rogers, but she was later produced and marketed by MG Yachts who gave her the brand name MGC 27. She was a high performance cruiser-racer that was available with a fin keel or a drop keel.

‘Magic’ featured in the photo that was taken at Rice and Cole is a fin keel version.

Apolloduck currently has 5 for sale between £18,950 and £19,995.


MGC 27 and Contessa 27 Yachtsnet Archive

MGC (Contessa)27 Synergy – MGC 27

Rob Humphreys

Rob Humphreys

MGC 27 (Video of exterior)

MGC 27 (Video of interior)

Apolloduck – MGC 27s for sale on 17th November, 2014

MGC 27 Sold, but nice photos

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