Thursday, May 15, 2014

UK Political Party Leaders 2014 European Election

The ethos of a political party is to a large extent determined by its leaders, particularly the principal leader.

There are ten parties contending for seats representing the Eastern Region of the UK where I live, and as I am undecided to whom to give my vote, I’ve been doing quite a bit of research about their policies and leaders. Experience has shown me that leaders can make or break an organisation.

A charismatic leader is not necessarily the best, and yet people are often swayed by a politician’s personality, his or her looks, mannerisms, how they speak etc. A person with intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, compassion, understanding, integrity, and a genuine desire to serve; one who is able to communicate and who is a natural leader is far more desirable than one with superficial charm and the gift of the gab.

What this Country needs is a leader with a vision, one who can inspire people to work together to achieve that vision for the better good, based on truth and equity for the enrichment of society in mind and spirit; a caring, tolerant society that values love in preference to greed, power and a quest for more and more material wealth.

Here are the leaders in random order:

David Cameron - Conservative Party

Nick Clegg - Liberal Democrats

Ed Milliband - Labour Party

Nigel Farage - UK Independence Party

Natalie Bennett - Green Party

Nick Griffin – British National Party

Mike Nattrass - An Independence from Europe

Sid Cordle - Christian Peoples Alliance

Robin Tilbrook - English Democrats

NO2EU – Was led by Bob Crow who recently died.

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