Thursday, May 22, 2014

Chelsea Flower Show

Regular readers will know that my wife is a keen gardener. She enjoys visiting garden centres to see what is on offer, and she seldom walks away without buying one or more plants for her garden.

Yesterday we visited Alton Garden Centre to price lawn edgings, some made from wood and others from concrete. Last year we bought rolls of cheap corrugated plastic edging for one side of the lawn, but in places where the strimmer went too close it was cut to shreds, and where the strimmer missed, our grandsons trampled it into the ground - hence our visit to find more substantial edging.

While there I mentioned to my wife that her friend could be at the Chelsea Flower Show, and she replied that Alton Garden Centre was her Chelsea Flower Show. She would far rather be where she was than with countless others craning their necks over shoulders to see exhibits. At least where she was, she could take her time and have unobstructed views of plants and flowers - not only that, entrance was free.

I was very pleased to see large numbers of bees going about their business of collecting pollen, unlike last year when there were very few.


Chelsea Flower Show

Chelsea Flower Show

Chelsea Flower Show Tickets

Alton Garden Centre

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