Tuesday, May 13, 2014

European Parliamentary Elections

If you are anything like me, you are bewildered by the number of political parties vying for places in the European Parliament.  Each party promotes policies they believe are best for the Country or helpful for achieving their own objectives: the Green Party for a sustainable world, the Conservatives for business growth and free enterprise, Labour for affordable living, UKIP for British independence, English Democrats for an English Parliament, Liberal Democrats for keeping Britain in Europe etc.

There are a number of other parties such as the Christian Peoples Alliance, who want a fairer and more equitable world based on Christian principles and morality; Independence from Europe who are campaigning to quit Europe by having a referendum; NO2EU who want the UK to leave Europe, and the extreme British National Party who want to stop all immigration and outlaw miscegenation.

Election Day is the 22nd May, and although we may be bewildered, I believe it’s really important for us to examine what is being offered for our future and for the future of generations to come; we should not waste our vote.


An Independence from Europe

British National Party

Christian Peoples Alliance

Conservative Party

English Democrats

Green Party

Labour Party

Liberal Democrats



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Unknown said...

Hello Bill, I'm very much in agreement about the European elections.
Also, I'm very much in favour of a united Europe. We've been in to long to throw away our investment and the undoubted advantages of being 'in'.
Not only but also, a united Europe is one step closer to the utopia of a united World.