Monday, May 12, 2014

A Privilege

Two previous posts each mention the privilege my wife and I had looking after our grandchildren on Saturday, 10th May. All of us had a great time, but it was not without trials.

After receiving a penalty charge notice for parking on double yellow lines, we had to feed the children before motoring to the venue where the birthday party of our second youngest great grandson was to take place. As petrol was running low, I had to top up the tank. On account of staying in the library longer than we intended, then being delayed by the traffic warden, there wasn’t sufficient time for eating at a restaurant; therefore we decided to buy snacks and petrol at TESCO. The children could eat in the car.

My wife made the mistake of giving them sausage rolls. The result was an incredible mess, the likes of which I’ve never seen before since acquiring the car over thirteen years ago!

Well, we arrived at the party as it began, and a very enjoyable time was had by all – tiny tots to seven year olds, and adults, the oldest being 94.

I had to clean the grandchildren’s seats before the return journey. Doing it without a vacuum cleaner required care. Each seat had to be extracted so that I could remove the greasy crumbs without them ending up on the floor. A rain shower and a strong wind did not help. The only tool available was a handkerchief which was not brilliant, but better than my bare hands.

My wife and I were thankful that no unforeseen happenings occurred during and after the party to make the day more eventful. We appreciated having the children under our care and we are looking forward to next weekend when we’ll be with them again.

Children are truly precious.
(Matthew 19:13-15)


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