Sunday, May 04, 2014

Moments of Truth – Part 2

Two days after I wrote the article ‘Moments of Truth’,* my eldest granddaughter gave birth to a 9 lbs 10 oz girl. Both she and her baby experienced their moments of truth – these were life-changing events: the transition from being in the womb to being in the world and the drawing-in of the first breath of the little baby shortly after being thrust into the world. All went well, but not without the associated pains for a mother in labour.

I remember being present at the birth of my first daughter. The breathless child instinctively drew air into her lungs and gave a heart-warming cry; immediately her skin changed colour from lifeless grey to vibrant pink. The shared joy of my wife and me was evident to those around.

 The midwife and her team had work to do and they were pleased I had not caused them any problems. I did not faint, nor did I get in the way. In fact, I was able to hold my wife’s hand at the crucial moment.

That was indeed, a moment of truth; a wonderful time for us both, and a life-giving moment for our daughter who is now in her fifty-second year.


Moments of Truth


Brian said...

Wonderful. Huge congratulations for all and to great grandad Bill.


Unknown said...

What a beautiful baby, I'm sure she'll be cherished. Best wishes and heartfelt congratulations all round.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Great Grandad! Wow... congratulations from a recent grandfather... :o)

William Serjeant said...

Thanks everyone. I have 5 great grandchildren of whom the latest is the only girl.

Of my 7 granchildren, 2 are girls.