Friday, May 09, 2014

Hanging Basket Support

As I’ve mentioned before, my wife is a keen gardener. She enjoys playing around with flower displays and she has a hanging basket under the porch. Only a few days ago she did away with the old contents and replaced them with a new set of plants, but the strong wind this morning brought the basket crashing to the ground. A close examination of the HI-Lo support revealed that where the metal hook passed through a hole in the plastic casing the upper part had worn through.

Fortunately, there was no damage to the basket, and minimal effort was required rearranging the plants and replacing earth that had fallen out.

I volunteered to mend the Hi-Lo support. An hour-and-half later the job was done, and I had the basket back under the porch. However, when I tried setting it in the hoisted position, it would not stay put. A further examination revealed that the vinyl tape that retracts into the gadget was shredded at the upper end. At that point I realized my efforts were probably in vain. I considered taking the support apart to ascertain if the locking mechanism could be made to work, but I decided not to pursue the matter.  In fact, I doubt I shall bother, because a new Hi-Lo support can be had for as little as £6.60 from Ebay, although it may not be a genuine model.

In retrospect, my efforts were not entirely in vain, because I enjoyed trying to repair the gizmo, and my wife was pleased I had given of my time.


Hi-Lo Hanging Basket Support £6.50

Hi-Lo Hanging Basket Support £6.99

Hi-Lo Hanging Basket Support £7.99

Hi-Lo Hanging Basket Support £8.99

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