Sunday, September 22, 2013

Undercoat for ‘Minnow’s’ Cabin Top


After sanding both epoxy fillets that I applied yesterday, I painted the exterior of the cabin top with International Pre-Kote. I also painted the supports for the hatch metal sliders. Two coats of grey Toplac will complete the job of painting the exterior of the boat.

I didn’t paint the upper surface of the arched beam at the forward end of the hatchway recess, because I shall be gluing a baffle to it to stop water entering the cabin. There will also be another baffle at the forward end of the hatch itself. This combination of baffles should prevent water entering the cabin from forward. In heavy seas a wave might break over the cabin from forward; therefore I shall fit the baffles according to Matt Layden’s Paradox drawings.

There are a few bits and pieces inside the boat that I shall varnish, e.g., trims either side of the hatchway and grab handles.


Unknown said...

Looking better and better Bill. Great job!


William Serjeant said...

Thanks Andre.