Tuesday, September 24, 2013

‘Minnow’ is Looking Better

The weather has allowed me to keep the momentum going. Every day I manage to do more renovation on ‘Minnow’. I kept promising myself I would epoxy the drain holes that pass through the fore and aft members either side of the hatchway.  With the afternoon temperature in the region of 18 degrees Celsius I was able to keep my promise. I’ll need to epoxy the drains twice more to ensure water will be prevented from seeping into the wood. When I first had ‘Minnow’, two of the drains were completely blocked, and the other four had debris in them.

A number of holes had been made in the carlines by various screws securing brackets for I know not what, and a pouch possibly for tools or cutlery. This morning I filled the holes and sanded the wood to prepare it for painting. I also applied a second coat of varnish to the grab handles and trims.

The result of all this is that ‘Minnow’ is looking much better, and when I’ve finished painting her interior she will even look attractive!

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