Sunday, September 01, 2013

Removing ‘Minnow’s’ Hatch

I found a couple of hours for working on ‘Minnow’s’ hatch. Firstly I removed the window and then I took the hatch off the boat. The window was cracked in two places where bolts had been excessively tightened. I was not pleased with what I found. The finish was very rough and the hatch had not been built according to plan. Remedial work will be required. I shall have to replace the roving on the forward part of the hatch. Both the internal seal and the external one will have to be redone. I’ll also have to reseat the copper sliders, top and bottom.

I made a start at smoothing irregularities on the cabin top and decks. To finish these jobs will take a good many hours. I started scraping off old sealant from the insets for the windows. I shall not be able to paint the boat until all has been made sound.

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Unknown said...

Keep up the good work Bill. You've certainly taken on a fairish project. I suppose your experience building 'Faith'will help you enormously. Hopefully you won't have to make too many more unhappy comparisons.