Sunday, September 29, 2013

More than Cosmetic Surgery for 'Minnow'

Continuing surgical procedures for curing the leak, I performed another operation on ‘Minnow’, this time on her throat to sew together a slash that was haemorrhaging. This was part cosmetic, but it was also necessary to ensure water entering the vent from above deck would not find its way into the cabin or bilge.

Likewise, I sanded the seat and gave it an undercoat of Pre-Kote for practical and aesthetic reasons. I shall add two upper coats of grey Toplac - grey to disguise dirt and abrasions, but it will look smart in contrast to the lighter coloured magnolia bulkhead that separates the lazarette from the cabin. When not in use, the seat can be stowed upright against the bulkhead.

I shall be painting the port and starboard storage bins with two coats of magnolia paint manufactured by Dulux. I have not yet decided how to finish the floorboards. I could choose varnish or paint for smartening them.

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