Friday, September 13, 2013

Improving ‘Minnow’

Whatever boats I take on, I have a common aim, and that is to improve them. I have already improved ‘Minnow’, but there’s a lot more I can do. At the moment I am endeavouring to make her look more presentable, and at the same time repair parts that have failed due to use and exposure to the elements.

The worst part of her regarding appearance was on the port side, where sheathing on the cabin trunk was uneven and unfinished. The window panel was pulling away from the deck, and there were epoxy dribbles on the side deck and topside. Most of these things have been sorted, but there’s still a little more sanding to be done before that side will be ready for the first application of paint.

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Unknown said...

Hello Bill, you're going great guns! I'm sure that once you're done, she'll not only be presentable, but desirable also.