Wednesday, July 24, 2013

West Wight Potters – ‘C’ Type for Sale

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that I am selling my ‘C’ Type West Wight Potter, not because there is anything wrong with her, or Potters in general, but because every two or three years I take on a new sailboat project.

Each venture brings with it challenges that stimulate and excite me.

Firstly, if it is building a boat, I am spurred into action because of the prospect of owning her, and I look forward to the fun I may have building her. I am keenly interested in discovering how she will perform and if she will meet my expectations. Will she do what her designer claims?

Secondly, if it is renovating and re-commissioning a boat, I always want to make her better than she was when I took her on. Such was the case with ‘Sandpiper’, my WWP that is for sale. I have given her a new lease of life. She is once again a functioning trailer-sailer. Had she been launched when I bought her she would have sunk! Areas either side of the centreplate case through which the support bolt passed had disintegrated. I rebuilt and strengthened the case, making it structurally sounder than the original. I’m pleased to say that not a single drop of water has entered the boat. She is totally watertight, both hull and deck. In the biggest seas and heaviest downpours her interior remains dry.

I was thoroughly pleased with my project. ‘Sandpiper’ came out of it with flying colours. During my 66 day cruise along the South Coast of England she looked after me, and her sailing performance was far better than I imagined. The most important lesson I learnt for getting the best out of her, was to always have the right amount of sail. Her furling Genoa was of enormous value, because sail could be reduced or increased in seconds. Reefing the mainsail by manually rolling it around the boom was easy, providing it was done when the boat was hove to.


Ian Turner is re-commissioning a ‘D’ Type WWP. On Tuesday, he had a look at ‘Sandpiper’, not with a view to buying her, but for comparing her with his boat. I feel sure it was a profitable visit, because he took photos of ‘Sandpiper’ for future reference. It was a pleasure meeting Ian, and I wish him all the best with his worthwhile project. (See 2nd link below.)

There are literally thousands of Potter owners throughout the world - people like Ian and me. You can learn more of these fantastic boats by clicking links below, and if you want to get hold of a good one, you need look no further. Click the first link.


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