Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Attaching the Propeller

The shear pins and split pins for attaching the propeller to my Honda 2 HP outboard motor arrived this morning. I ordered two of each from Lings Ltd, at Mendham Lane, Harleston, Norfolk, IP2  9DW. The total bill was £12.84 which was a bit pricey, but I only had to click the mouse of my computer. They were delivered to my door with no hassle on my part, no travelling expenses and very little time spent ordering them.

Now I have a spare shear pin and a spare split pin, so that if the propeller snarls an object, and the new shear pin breaks, I shall be able to fix it there and then. Attaching and fixing the propeller takes only a minute or so.

Things could have been much different when the old shear pin broke if I had carried a spare one with my tools. However, at that time, nightfall was imminent, and I doubt I could have extracted a part of the pin that was trapped in the drive spindle in time for me to take the boat to the slipway before it was dark.

I can only learn from my mistakes and shortcomings, and I think I have learned to carry a spare shear pin and a replacement split pin.


Lings (Honda Parts)

Pottering – Part 65 (The abortive attempt at retrieving ‘Sandpiper’ when the shear pin broke.)


photocurio said...

my 2H Honda had a two blade prop

photocurio said...
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Unknown said...

I have also the same as you and want to use shear pin.