Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Pottering Costs

I have analysed the costs of my Pottering Cruise that took place over a period of 9 weeks. Amazingly the cost per day, including harbour dues, total travelling expenses, ie., rail travel and petrol for the car and boat, plus food, amounted to £17.80 per day.

Where can you find such value for money? That includes absolutely everything, even dining out with different friends!

The major portion of money went on marina and harbour dues at a cost of £534.46. Food was the next biggest expenditure at £353.63, but I had to eat, didn't I? Considering food costs, including dining out with friends, and twice on my own, £5.61 a day was amazingly cheap.

The total bill for travelling was £233.51. That was the combined amount for road and rail travel. I had to return home from Truro by train; then take the road trailer to Point for collecting the boat.

Trailer-sailing a small boat such as a Potter must be the cheapest way of cruising. You do not have to be rich, but you must have the freedom for doing it. 

My lovely wife has always supported and encouraged me in my pursuit of sailing and building small sailboats. I am indebted to her for her generous love. She asks for nothing in return.

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