Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pottering Photos – ‘Sandpiper’

Some digital photos are fabulous. They capture momentary images, frozen in time that can be shared with others. In a fraction of a second, light, shade, colour, shape, space and movement are recorded on a memory card or hard drive. They can be reproduced on the screen of a computer, smartphone or tablet, and by magic they can be projected onto a large screen for in-depth scrutiny and appraisal.


An artistic photographer will be concerned with composition and aesthetic content; whereas a reporter will want to record significant events, and a casual photographer will only be interested in taking snapshots of places, things or people. I try combining all three approaches to my photography. Because of my artistic background I am always conscious of composition, and because I value every moment of this life that can never be repeated, I am concerned about the quality of the present. I use my photographs as aides-memoires, in the same way snapshots are used.  


When on my Pottering Cruise along the South Coast of England I took hundreds of photos with the camera of my iPhone 4s, and I would like to share a few of them with you. To that end I have placed them into subject categories. The first will be photos of the star of the show, ‘Sandpiper’, my ‘C’ Type West Wight Potter. Tomorrow and subsequent days I shall upload photographs taken when in harbour, at sea or on land. Each will come under a subject heading, such as: ‘Boats’, ‘Shore and Land’, ‘Sun and Moon’ etc.


Instead of restricting the size of the photos, I shall upload them in full format. I guess Blogspot will reduce them, but they should be large enough for copying to your own computer for your own personal use.


Unknown said...


The photos are great - I suspect I speak for all your followers that we have thoroughly enjoyed your voyage reports and particularly the photos which have been inspiring. Keep them coming.

On a different note I was in your neck of the woods a couple of times this week. I visited Maldon on Monday to buy some parts for my D Type from One Stop Chandlery - very helpful and well stocked. I was also in Burnham yesterday and looked round the marina as well as enjoying the delights of an ice cream in the town. I'm still aiming to visit via the water before the end of the summer though inevitably progress is slower than wished for!

Keep well,


In Irons said...

Simply lovely Bill

God bless you

William Serjeant said...

Thanks Guys,

I am pleased you enjoy the photos.

Comments such as these make it all worthwhile.

Blogging is for sharing.

Ian, If you are around my way again, you will be very welcome to drop in.