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There was a famous small sailing cruiser with the name, ‘Happy’. She was owned by Howard Wayne Smith who attempted to take John Guzzwell’s circumnavigation record from him. In 1959 John completed a circumnavigation of the world in ‘Trekka’, a 21’ yacht, the smallest to do it at the time. (You can read more by clicking the second link below.)

Between 1983 and 1987 Serge Testa sailed his aluminium, 11’ 10” micro yacht around the world to become the record holder for circumnavigating in the smallest vessel.

Guzzwell, Smith and Testa stopped at various ports. Through misfortune Smith never completed a circumnavigation in ‘Happy’, because his boat foundered on Nouméa Reef, New Caledonia. In pursuit of his dream, he built ‘Happy 11’, a 9’ 6” aluminium yacht, but again his ambition was thwarted because she was confiscated by the Australian Customs!

 Testa remains the record holder.

These sailors pursued their dreams – possibly in search of happiness. En route, all three suffered times of fear and hardship, times of great danger. Ultimately, two of them could look back and feel the glow of satisfaction because their dreams were realized.

Sven Yrvind is building a shorter boat than Testa’s, with the aim of completing a non-stop voyage around the world. Now, that’s some dream! But on past achievements, if anyone can do it, Sven must be a candidate.

There is no way that I can compare my ‘voyages’ and ‘achievements’ with those mentioned, but I can, and do look back with much satisfaction because of good fortune in my life, especially the blessings God has bestowed upon me.

1 Timothy 6:6 'Now godliness with contentment is great gain.'



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