Sunday, July 07, 2013

Day with the Grandchildren

I have seven Grandchildren, two of whom are girls. Today my wife and I have had the privilege of looking after triplet boys born to our youngest daughter. At six years of age they are now old enough to entertain themselves for most of the time; therefore supervising and engaging with them is not onerous – rather the opposite, stimulating good fun. They were happy to do their homework, one at time with me. The subjects were: ‘Months of the Year’, and a spelling test.

A visit to the local play park and ASDA for refreshments before returning home for messing around in an inflatable paddling pool was more than enough to satisfy their physical and mental needs. On a bright sunny day what more could they or we want?

As I write, Murray and Djokovic are battling it out at Wimbledon. Murray has a two set lead. I wonder who will win. History could be in the making; the first and only British male singles finalist winner since Fred Perry in 1936. Perhaps by the time you read this, the trophy will have returned to Britain.

Andy Murray won.


Fred Perry

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