Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pottering Photos – Reflections at Calstock

During my cruise there were times when the wind ceased, and there were moments of peace and calm. Way up the river Tamar at Calstock where ‘Sandpiper’ was well sheltered, she and I shared precious moments of equanimity. She felt the tickling current that slid clumps of floating reeds and rotting leaves along her sides, and I heard their plaintive sighs.

From my floating island I surveyed the richness of the scene; inverted wiggling images, tints, tones, amorphous reflections that slowly danced for my delight. Birdsong filled the air, and the sky was acid blue. My old and abandoned yacht ‘Aziz’ forlornly looked on from amidst others clustered at the boatyard. She asked, “Why?” I had no answer. I could only remember times we had together, good and bad.
I was full of gratitude for shared moments as I reflected on the past.

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