Monday, July 01, 2013

A New Chapter

Yesterday I gently eased myself back into the home environment. The bed kept still and I could hear traffic passing along the road outside the bedroom. Resident robins chirped their cheerful songs and doves cooed as they had done before my Pottering adventure.

Today I thoroughly cleaned 'Sandpiper' inside and out. When a few things have been done to her she will be ready for more adventuring - most likely short local cruises. 

Over the next day or so I'll examine the logbook of my cruise to Falmouth with a view to analysing certain situations to ascertain if lessons can be leaned.


Rich_D said...


I'm pleased you and Sandpiper have made it home safely. I have followed your adventures avidly. Your blog has become compulsive viewing and the first that I have ever followed every day. The spiritual as well as sailing updates really have enriched my day and given me lots to think about in my own way.

Our paths actually crossed a couple of times. Living in Kent Ramsgate and Dover feel very much like my own back yard, and last week I was in Cornwall enjoying a holiday in Mevagissey/Fowey. It would have been nice to say hello somewhere along the way.

Bill, good work, thank you, and I can't wait to see what you do next!


In Irons said...

Pleased to see you home and safe. I and am sure others will miss your sailing adventures, seems like few can do it with such pinache and finesse.

If you can share your lessons learned that would be brilliant!