Friday, July 26, 2013

‘Marsh Duck’

‘Marsh Duck’ is an 18’ sailing and rowing decked canoe with an aft sleeping cabin. She was designed by Scott Domergue to satisfy his desire for a lightweight, economical cruising boat. She can be trailed behind a folding bike that in turn can be stowed aboard. She is light enough for transporting on the roof rack of a small car. Altogether, including rowing and sailing gear, she weighs 150 lbs, and she is able take a payload of 800 lbs. Her 6’ 4” aft cabin provides room for one person to bed down overnight, and it is possible for a second person to sleep in the cockpit under a boom tent.

Ballast takes the form of drinking water in containers, food and cruising gear stowed under the cockpit. One of Scot’s aims was to make the boat self-righting, which in fact did not prove to be the case when tested.** However, he righted her from an induced capsize, and he was pleasantly surprised  how very little water entered the boat. He intends to make her hatches watertight and to add extra sealable compartments. Because he felt the boat was under-canvassed he redesigned the rig to have a larger, fully battened sail.

Building plans are available from Chuck and Sandra Leinweber at their Duckworks Boat Store*- The cost is $125, plus a handling fee, or they can be downloaded directly to a computer for $100.


*Marsh Duck Plans from Duckworks Boat Store

**Marsh Duck – Testing new sail and rigging – capsize

Duckworks Boat Plans – Other Designs.


vpw said...

Do you have a sketch or photo/s of the bunk area? I'm considering a build /plans purchase via Duckworks.

William Serjeant said...


Sorry, I can't help you. Good luck with your build.