Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pottering - Part 59

As I write (11.15), the wind could be a Force 7 from the NW. 

Understandably I opted to beach the boat once again at Bosahan Cove. She is not fully protected from the wind as she was yesterday when it came from the west.

I packed myself a lunch and set out along the coastal path towards St. Anthony. I discovered that the path was as boggy in this direction as it was towards the village of Helford.

Views overlooking Gillan Creek are fabulous. I'm on the headland that protects the creek from the north. Here there is a viable phone signal.

I'm hoping to meet John who is at Fisherman's Creek with his Potter. Maybe the wind will die down enough for us to join forces.

I'll leave you with photos taken this morning.

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