Sunday, June 02, 2013

Pottering - Part 38

I finished yesterday's entry with, 'We'll see what tomorrow brings.' That was a bit prophetic, because as I was about to leave the harbour early this morning the main halyard parted! I was pleased it happened then, rather than at some crucial point.

I returned to my berth and saw Paul set off in his Folkboat. He was hoping to reach Dartmouth by nightfall.

Before breakfast I took down the mast, replaced the halyard, and reset everything, but by then it was too late for rounding the Bill.

As I write this at 11.00, my plan is to set off about 16.50 to be at the Bill by 18.30 to take the remainder of the ebb westwards. Ten hours later, after crossing Lyme Bay, I should arrive at the Exe Bell buoy about 04:30 on Monday morning. That's the theory.

The waning moon should help with the night's sail, assuming the sky is mainly clear of cloud.

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