Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pottering - Part 47

By morning light the rain cleared, and the sunny periods promised by the weather man brightened the afternoon.

The first bus from Calstock for Tavistock after 09.30 was at 09.40. Being after 09.30 was crucial, because Senior Citizen bus passes were not accepted until after that time. Geoff and I wanted to visit the bank, as we were both running out if cash.

I thought Tavistock was a delightful time-warp, since the town had the feel of the 1950s. There were several classy shops, including a particularly well stocked delicatessen. There was also a superb indoor market. If there was a hint of difference from the 50s it was the increased number of cars. On the approach to the town, one side of the road was reserved for parking, and I didn't see a vacant spot. Being a bus passenger had its advantages, and for my friend and me the service was entirely free!

I noted that there were several fine granite buildings dating back to Victorian times, and others were far older. The general atmosphere was unhurried. People took their time. I loved hearing the broad Devonian accent.

My time was well spent with my old sailing buddy who can no longer get out on the water on account of limited mobility. He has an electric fold-up four wheel buggy.

Tomorrow, after morning high water at Calstock, I am hoping I shall be able to return to Plymouth, but I have not made a decision as to exactly where to go. I could anchor 'Sandpiper' somewhere, beach her, or take her to a marina. The advantage of a marina is that I could deal with my laundry and have a shower. I could also get ashore without inflating my canoe.

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