Friday, June 07, 2013

Pottering - Part 43

For the first time on this cruise it is hot enough for me not to wear a sweater! The strong northeaster does have a chill factor, however, and as long as I keep out the wind I can be warmed by the sun.

Weather-bound, because of the persistent Force 4/5, I could not be in a better place to wait for calmer winds.

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting my friends who came by car from Torquay. I called the Water Taxi on the VHF, and we met me by the public landing pontoon at Normandy Way, so called because from there 66 ships of the United States Navy set off on the 4th June, 1944 for the 'D' Day landing on the Normandy beaches two days later. A plaque commemorating the event is displayed at the entrance of the square.

The heart of Salcombe is a small, but vibrant community offering the usual seaside town shops, restaurants, pubs, plus lots of yachting, but without funfairs, slot machine arcades and casinos that would be completely out of place.

My friends and I had a bite to eat for lunch before a relaxing short walk to view very picturesque scenes across the river.

After my friends left, I had intended buying a large Cornish pasty for my evening meal, but I forgot. Instead I shall be inventing a dish to satisfy my hunger.

Last night was peaceful, and I am hoping for the same tonight.

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