Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pottering - Part 46

I had a great day at Calstock with my old sailing buddy Geoff. We reminisced about various cruises we had together on his boats. He owned a Seagull 19, an Angus Primrose smaller version of his Top Hat, an Eclipse, and an Achilles. The Achilles was his favourite because of her excellent performance on all points of sail. Together, we weathered two gales in her between the Scillies and Southern Ireland, not through negligence, because we took note of weather forecasts before setting out. Regardless of that, we were caught in a gale going there, and another when returning.

On the topic of weather, a low pressure area is advancing in my direction, which will keep me here at Calstock or Plymouth. 

The Jester Challenge Baltimore Rally will start at Plymouth this coming Sunday. This I would like to watch. It gives me a reason for not rushing westwards. Because of it I an reminded that I am cruising, not racing! Participants in all of the Jester Challenge events enter as partners, not competitors. For them the purpose of the exercise is to participate, not to get there quicker that the rest. 
Yesterday, I was unable to publish my blog because of poor telephone connections. 

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