Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pottering - Part 56

Seven days should be just right for playing around the Fal and Helford rivers.

On waking, I was surprised to find that the 'Prinsendam', an eight deck* Holland America Line cruise ship, was docked only a short distance away. How she did it in the dark, I shall never know.

After obtaining petrol for the outboard and a length of fibreglass sail batten, I made sail and moved to St. Mawes where I anchored not far from the Harbour. 

One other yacht was there, and we were later joined by a third. Well sheltered from the north and east, there is one drawback, and that is the frequent passing of the St. Mawes Ferries to Falmouth and back. Like all workboats they never slow down when near other vessels. If they had to experience the violent motion caused by their wakes they might take a little more care. Time lost would be minimal.

Please don't think I am grumbling, because it is my choice to be here. After dusk, all will be peaceful.

Tomorrow will see the start of the Cornish Three Peaks Race from St. Mawes at 12.00. My friend's son will be a crew member aboard 'Tickled Pink', a Dragonfly trimaran taking part. Between them, crew members will sail 115 miles, cycle 130 miles, and run 29 miles. They will put into Newlyn, Fowey and Plymouth.

On my way to St. Mawes I saw a splendid ketch, 'LT 1192', the sort of vessel you cannot pass without having a closer look.

Though threatening, the rain kept off until 13.10, whereupon I put the rubber duck upside down in a transverse position over the cockpit to keep her interior dry. By taking this action I shall not have to bale the canoe, nor will I have to sit on a wet seat.

I am writing at 14.00, and the rain looks set for the rest of the day; in which case I shall be staying put. Now is a time for a snooze, and when I come to, I shall be ready for a tasty cup of tea, and ginger biscuits.

What a lovely life I have. Don't I know it, and I am full of gratitude for God's kindness to me. 

* Eight decks includes the two lower decks and the very top sun deck.

Please note that if my Friday blog does not appear, it is because I have a poor mobile phone connection. The same could happen on Saturday and Sunday.

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