Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pottering - Part 58

Last night there was a raging gale and much heavy rain, but 'Sandpiper' was completely protected in the lee at Bosahan Cove. 

The gale continues as I write at 13.00, Saturday, 22nd June. I monitored the critical moment when the boat floated off the beach at 02.35 this morning. Both fore and aft anchors held. I returned to my bunk, somewhat comforted.

A feature of this rocky and hilly area is the wonderful and ancient Pine trees. The coastal path flanked by these trees and dense woodland passes through the picturesque village of Helford. The short stretch between 'Sandpiper's' temporary home on the beach and the Village is exceptionally wet and muddy.

Not equipped with hiking boots, I had to take great care not to ruin my suede shoes. In places the mud was slippery, and a stick I found came in handy for helping me to maintain a foothold. Several walkers were doing this part of the Coastal Path; most stopped for a chat.

Back at the boat before a short-lived drizzly shower I set to cleaning a spare spare spark plug for the outboard; then I lay down on my bunk and listened to the swishing sound of the wind as it battered the trees. The soothing sound of wavelets licking rocks either side of the cove soon lull-abided me to sleep. 

The forecast for Sunday is not much better than today; therefore most likely, I'll stay put.

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