Saturday, September 29, 2012

Web Links – Trailer Sailers

My 'Micro', based on Swallow Boats hull

Here is a list of useful Trailer Sailer web links taken from my old Small Sailboat website, which was last maintained in 2008. I have removed every defunct link; however if you find any that do not work, please let me know. You can make a comment to this effect by going to my latest posting and placing a comment there. Adventurer 19. Artemis 20. Birdwatcher Builder. Birdwatcher 2, building project. Black Skimmer.(2) Blue Lightning. Blue Skies. Cape Cutter. Chebacco. Cornish Shrimper - The Black Sheep. Coresound 17' Open Boat. Das Boot: The Boat. Dovekie. Elver - 20' Trailer Sailer. Enigma 260 - variant of Matt Layden's Enigma. 'Enuf' - Derek Clark's Paradox. Explorer . Explorer 18. Eun Mara - Alistego. Explorer - eco-friendly microyacht. Farr Trailer Yachts (Farr 6000) Folding Schooner. Flying Scott. Hartley 16. Lee's Precision 165 Page. Light Schooner. Light Schooner - Bolger. MacGregor 19. Manta 19. Martin 16 - Lifting Keel Boat. Matt's 'New Swamp Thing'. Micro - Roger Keyes's. Montgomery 15. Noelex 22. Nordica 16. North West Potters. Old Shoe. Pabouk 260 and 360.

h Paradox. - Noonan's. Paradox. - My Johanna. Pippin 20. Pisces. Phialle. Sailfish 18. Sandpiper 565. Sandpiper 565. Sanibel 18. Sanibel 18. Shark 24. Skipper 17. Stornaway 18. Tanzer 22. Weekenders - Steel Away and Genesis. West Wight Potter. West Wight Potters. (1) West White Potter 15 - Little Dipper .. West Wight Potter 19. West Wight Potter 19 - "Necessity". West Wight Potter - Potter Yachters. Winkle Brigs. Winkle Brig 16.




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