Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Carmelite Church at Valetta

Any visitor to Valetta cannot but fail to be blown away by the splendid Baroque church architecture to be found there. When I qualify the architecture as being ‘splendid’, I refer to the dictionary definition, ‘impressive of beauty or brilliance’, even ‘magnificent’. The interior decoration of these buildings is second to none - take the Carmelite Church, for example.  The prominent silver dome that dominates the skyline when viewed across the water from Sliema is supported by twelve very tall marble columns that have arched windows above them. Although the building gives the impression of being old, it is in fact, fairly modern, having replaced the original of 1573 that was mostly destroyed during World War Two.

I have here photographs I took when I visited the Church while on holiday in Malta. Links below provide more information about this church and ‘The Order of the Brothers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel’, or the ‘Carmelites’.  



3D Views of the Carmelite Church at Valetta

Carmelite Church, Valetta

Images of the Carmelite Church at Valetta


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