Monday, September 17, 2012

‘Maya’, a Folksong 25

‘Maya’ is owned by Richard Littauer. I saw her at Msida Yacht Marina, Valetta, when on holiday in Malta. She reminded me of the Folksong 25 I built from a bonded hull and deck. The fact that I saw her was a strange coincidence, because I very nearly bought her through Ebay earlier this year. At the time, she was laid up in Sicily at Licata. Having decided not to go ahead with the purchase I never ever thought I would see her in the flesh.

Richard subsequently invited me for a sail, but sadly this could not be, as he was away during the remainder of my stay at Malta. 



Richard’s Website

YouTube Videos by Seb, a previous owner of ‘Maya’

‘Zeta’ – Folksong

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Unknown said...

Great to see her, I'm glad she's made it as far as Malta! Wonderful boat. Seb.