Sunday, October 25, 2015

Views over the River Crouch at South Fambridge

A little further to the east of Hullbridge is South Fambridge, which is my favourite location for taking a walk. There is no other spot I would prefer to be for a quiet time, a moment of refreshment, and this afternoon I had the privilege of doing just that. Apart from a few dog walkers, the place was virtually deserted.

I never cease to be amazed at the beauty of the scenery; much of it having been shaped by the hand of man. From atop the flood prevention embankment, I looked to the south, where there were acres of freshly ploughed fields made ready for the sowing of seed. In the opposite direction, across the river, I could see the pontoons of Fambridge Yacht Station, and the wooden structure of the yacht club building.

I walked westwards and feasted my eyes upon the beauty. The colours of reflected light from mud and water were a great delight. The sensation of quietness was made quieter because of the occasional cries and screeching of wading birds. High in the sky, silently, planes left telltale trails of feathery vapour. I was free to dream and commune with my Maker.

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Paul Mullings said...

One of my favourite spots too Bill, the Crouch is a truly beautiful river along most of its course