Saturday, October 31, 2015

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Leisure 18


Sunray 21

Between May and August I laboured at building a patio in the back garden. Meanwhile, ‘Pike’, my Iain Oughtred skiff, waited patiently for her first sail with me as skipper. As things worked out, that didn’t happen until the last day of August, but it was a very special day.*

Since then I’ve sailed her several times. At the very top of this page, in the lefthand corner, there’s a search box where you can key in the word ‘Pike’. You’ll be offered a number of links taking you to articles about her.

Likewise, if you are interested in a particular boat, you can try searching for her.

Two months have passed since I had my first sail with ‘Pike’, and in addition to writing about her, I’ve posted articles with details of 24 other boats. Links to them are set out below - the most recent is at the top.

For more boats, have a look at Small Sailboats: This link is permanently displayed to the righthand side, under ‘Pages’, and above a link to my Cruising Logs:

*Had an Excellent Sail with ‘Pike’ - Part 2


Privateer 20 Gaff Rigged Cutter

Victoria 28 Frances Cruising Yacht

Hunter 707 Keel Boat

J 80 Racing Yacht

Dufour 80

Malbec 290

First 260 Spirit

Topper Sailing Dinghy

Hunter Minstrel - Part 2

Solo Dinghy

Matilda 20 Trailer Sailer

Leisure 18 Yacht

‘Gorfnik’ Paraduck

Westerly Fulmar 32

Falmouth Bass Boat

Sunset 27

Beneteau First 211

Cape Cutter 19

Freedom 21

Transworld 41 Ketch

Hurricane 5.9 Catamaran

Roamer Cruising Dinghy

Foiling MOD 70

Sunray 21

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