Saturday, October 24, 2015

Views Over the River Crouch at Hullbridge

Many readers will know that I love  walking beside the River Crouch. South Fambridge is my favourite spot, and a close second to it is Hullbridge. South Fambridge is less frequented by walkers; although in recent years, since the path has been concreted, and nearby, new houses have been built, the path has become more popular with walkers, particularly those who have dogs.

To me, the environs of the Crouch have always been beautiful. There’s a sense of space with wide open vistas, lots of sky, and the mood changes with the seasons. There’s never a dull moment. Weather, wind and tide, wildlife and human activities are forever changing. It’s a lively spot, a mind and soul-inspiring location, a respite for dreaming, and for me a place where I feel close to God, not that He is ever far away.

These photos were taken at Hullbridge where the river narrows. Beside the path to the south, there are caravan homes. Eastwards, and before Brandy Hole Yacht Club, there are luxury homes with panoramic views overlooking the river. The walker can enjoy these vistas for nothing, and exercise the body at the same time.


Hullbridge River Walk

The River Crouch at Hullbridge

Snapshots at Hullbridge

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Unknown said...

A lovely spot indeed, Bill. Any time Im in that area, I always stop and have a little wander around.