Tuesday, October 20, 2015

J 80 Racing Yacht

The J 80 is described at the J Boat website as a sportboat. There’s no such word in an English dictionary; therefore I guess it is an Americanism, but the word conjures up a vision of an exciting yacht designed for competitive racing and for exuberant sailing. On-line photos, videos, descriptions and accounts confirm she is such a yacht. She is raced internationally with large numbers participating. 62 boats competed in the J 80 World Championship at Newport when conditions were challenging because of strong winds and white-capped waves. Sailors and their boats from 9 countries took part.

A function she is suited for other than racing is family day sailing. She is reputed to be easy to handle, sea-kindly and capable of being sailed offshore.* Her 1,400 lbs fin keel gives her excellent stability, and because of her light displacement and slippery hull she can sail at 19 knots** when conditions are right and she is being handled by an expert crew, but this is definitely not for the fainthearted!

LOA: 26.25 ft – 8.00 m
LWL: 24.60 ft – 7.50 m
BEAM: 8.25 ft – 2.81 m
DRAFT: 4.90 ft – 1.49 m
DISPLACEMENT: 3,200 lbs – 1,450 kg
LEAD KEEL: 1,400 lbs – 650 kg
UPWIND SAIL AREA: 338 sq ft – 34.50 m²
SPINNAKER AREA: 700 sq ft – 65 m²
TOWING WEIGHT: 4078.5 lbs – 1850 kg

*She meets the EU Recreational Craft Directive’s Design Category B able to cope with waves up to 13 feet and winds up to 41 knots.

**Extreme Sailing 19.6 knots on j80 - Yeehaw!!!


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United Kingdom J 80 Class Association

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2004 J 80 for Sale £17,995 

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