Monday, June 29, 2015

Sunday and Today, Monday



Yesterday was a Sunday and it rained. I never thought I would do building work on the patio, and that was the case. A rest day was welcome, especially as my right shoulder was playing up.

For me, Sunday is seldom a workday.  I’d far rather rest on what some call the ‘Lord’s Day’. There’s nothing sacred about it, but many Christians set it aside for worship, although for a lot of us, not exclusively. There was a campaign some years ago called, ‘Keep Sunday Special’, but that has long gone. In fact, there’s hardly any difference between a Sunday and a weekday for the majority of people, but one thing I would avoid, is shopping at Tesco, because so many people do, making it one of the supermarket’s busier days.

The photos tell the story of what was achieved today on building the patio – another six paving slabs laid. Progress may not be as rapid tomorrow, because I shall have to spend time collecting materials at two stores that are well apart.

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Stephen Mundane said...


I hope that the shoulder is holding up.

I remember the "Keep Sunday Special" campaign you mentioned in the 1980s, sadly a failure but I think it is still going. I believe that the law does curtail opening hours for larger stores on a Sunday though, so at least that's something. However, I think there are still a few voices calling for the "right" to shop when ever it is convenient for them, forgetting that shop workers might not want to be forced to work 12 hour shifts on a Sunday...

Enjoy the sun!