Tuesday, June 09, 2015

‘Pike’ versus the Patio

‘Pike’ is in the garden, and patio materials are in her boatshed! That’s the situation. The patio has priority because my wife has priority. My wife wants the patio by a certain date and I’m doing all I can to make her wishes come true. This is a challenge, and I’m wondering if weather and time will allow for a happy outcome.

Tomorrow, I shall be looking forward to a visit from Paul Mullings who has frequently contributed to the Comments section of the blog. He lives in New Zealand, but he’s on holiday in the UK. Maybe he will give me a helping hand to sort out ‘Pike’s’ rig. I’ve never had a boat with a spritsail; therefore I’m curious to find out how it works. Iain Oughtred’s sail plan drawings show her without a boom, but this ‘Pike’ comes with one.


I’ve Been Thinking (Paul Mullings’s Blog)


Brian said...

Go for a sail Bill. You will be energised and finish the patio twice as quickly!

Unknown said...

Hello Bill, I think you'll find that the sprit rig is fine with or without the boom. One plus for without the boom is that you can rig a simple bailing line, very much in the spirit of the Thames barges, to quickly dowse the sail. Of course, the boom helps maintain the shape of the sail and helps when running. The best thing would be to experiment with both. It wouldn't be an expensive speculation in any event.

Stephen Mundane said...

Get Paul to help you with the Patio Bill...perhaps not eh!