Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Progress with the Patio

The final consignment of earth for disposal at the dump

The state of play

Today I made good progress by putting down more hard core. In order to do it I had to excavate thirteen bags of earth to provide a level base.

Altogether I have made five trips to the local dump with loads of unwanted earth. It looks as though I shall have to do one more.

All being well, tomorrow I shall have the help of my great nephew. Together we should make good progress. There will be a lot of humping things around in an effort to organize the laying of the paving slabs and perhaps even to lay a few.


Unknown said...

Its looking lovely, Bill. You most absolutely need to be very pleased indeed with yourself. That would be a creditable effort on the part of anybody, including plenty of so called proffesionals.

William Serjeant said...

Thank you Richard, but it is a bit like the potter who throws a pot and knows every blemish in it. The onlooker doesn't see any blemishes or feel them.

As long as there's a reasonable finish at the end, I shall be satisfied. That's a long way off, by the looks of it.