Saturday, June 27, 2015

Another Six Paving Slabs Done

I thought it might be possible to lay six paving slabs today, and so it turned out. The final slab at the far end was shaped to fit around a corner of the garage foundations. Whenever I mixed more mortar than needed I used the surplus to repair brickwork and paving around the house. Estimating how much mortar has to be mixed is still problematic. Maybe I’ll get it in time.

At this stage I have at least a further nine to ten day’s work of laying slabs. They will not be consecutive days.  I have yet to lay two rows of seven, and five rows of eight, some of which will have to be cut to shape.


Stephen Mundane said...

Bill, you'll be an expert pavior at the end of all this, or more likely a retired one!

I find that mixing the mortar in an old wheelbarrow is best for the small quantities that you are using -- less bending, plus any excess can be more easily transported to where it is needed for any little other jobs.

Hope that you enjoy a restful Sunday -- rain might see to that eh.

William Serjeant said...


You were right about Sunday being restful. There was a little rain.

Thank you for your tip about mixing mortar in a wheelbarrow. I have done it in the past.

This time my wheelbarrow is being used for transporting paving slabs and other heavy materials.

I've been mixing mortar on a sheet of plywood that I can place near to a paving slab that is being laid. This makes for rapid application of the mortar.