Monday, June 15, 2015

‘Pike’ versus the Patio Wall – Part 3

There was a clear winner today. ‘Pike’ was only a memory from the day before; whereas the wall took my full attention and was finished – one course was completed in the morning and the final topping of bricks in the afternoon, bringing victory to the wall.

Good weather made a lot of difference and sunshine brought a ‘good feeling’ factor.

My next job will be to fill in the trench either side of the wall; then fill in the large area that will form the foundation of the patio. At first, I’ll have to make a layer of hard core and on top of it a layer of gravel. Finally before laying the flagstones I’ll have to make a smooth bed of Diall Recycled Glass Paving Sand.


‘Pike’ versus the Patio Wall – Part 2

‘Pike’ versus the Patio Wall – Part 1


Wotablog said...

Didn't know you were a Bricky Bill. Well done. Pike looks good. Am reading "Left for Dead" by Nick Ward. It's about the Fastnet Race the year they had a storm like ours in the Round Britain Race - only worse, with lives lost. Have you read it?

Unknown said...

Hello Bill, Im bowled over with admiration for your patio wall. Youve saved a goodly sum by doing it yourself too.
I have to express agreement regarding the look of Pikes sail reefed. Not only does it not look right, it looks potentially dangerous. Im trying to remember what Ive read regarding how the Thames bargemen used to manage. In Pikes case, I think a clew downhaul, and an adjustable yard lashing,(inelegantly called a snotter),would be a more practical option, in conjunction with the reef points

William Serjeant said...


I have not read "Left for Dead", but I have two friends who were in the fated Fastnet Race. In different yachts, both were saved by their harnesses after being thrown over the side into the water. A liferaft was launched from one of the yachts, but it was immediately lost when the painter gave way. Crew members attribute their lives to the fact that they lost their liferaft, because others perished in them. I have heard firsthand accounts of my friends' experiences.


William Serjeant said...


Yes, I'm not happy with the reefing arrangement. Firstly, it takes time to do it, and secondly the finished result does not look right.