Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Touching Up ‘Minnow’

When I had the problem with retrieving ‘Minnow’s’ anchor I caught the chain on the forward starboard gunwale which scraped the paint. The damage was only superficial and cosmetic. Today I put it right by touching up the scuffed area with identical paint to the one used for the upper coats, i.e., International Toplac Atlantic Grey 289. A new tin of paint cost me £24.95. Astonishing!

I felt good about doing the repair, because it was a positive step towards regaining my confidence for sailing again. I’m still not confident about having another sail, but if I can equip ‘Minnow’ with a replacement anchor I may convince myself I’ll be OK. I know that if a rider has a fall, he must remount and carry on for maintaining his self-confidence. Until I have another sail I’ll never know if I’m up to it and if I want to continue.

This is a very strange experience for me, because I have always been confident on the water, and I have always looked forward to having a sail.


Unknown said...

Astonishing?? Your reaction to that price tag for a tin of paint is moderate in the extreme Bill. For that price it should take it'self out of the tin and apply itself (flawlessly), to the required surface!

William Serjeant said...


I can buy a brand new anchor for the price of two tins of paint!

Incidentally, I've been offered an anchor that I'll be looking at over the weekend to see if it will be suitable.