Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nantucket Clipper Again

In January of last year I was at Bridgemarsh Marina where I saw what looked like a prototype Alan Buchanan Nantucket Clipper.* ‘Reynardini’** was for sale. On Monday I was at the Marina again and saw the same lovely craft. Her new owner(s) were preparing her for an exterior repaint.

Preparation is 70 to 80% of the task. Laying the foundation is important. I was amazed that her seams were very tight, despite the boat having been out of the water for over a year. When she’s done, she’ll be very good. It looks as though her new owner(s) have a beautiful classic yacht. I hope they will have a lot of fun sailing her.


*Nantucket Clipper

**Alan Buchanan Wooden Yawl

Gaff Yawl ‘Reynardini’

Offshore Yachts: Class Owners’ Association (Nantucket Clipper Mk 111)

Buchanan Owners’ Association

Alan Buchanan

Nantucket Clipper for Sale £10,750

Nantucket Clipper for Sale £17,950

Nantucket Clipper for Sale £17,995

Privateer and Clipper Bow

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Paul Mullings said...

I saw one of these (fibreglass) in a marina near my sisters yacht in Motueka at the top of the South Island.
The owners,a family of six, were readying her for the long trip north to his moorings in Tauranga. I later heard he had run into some bad weather but came through unscathed .