Sunday, April 13, 2014

Royal Corinthian One Design

In December of 2011 I wrote an article* featuring ‘Coram’, a Royal Corinthian One Design from the drawing board of Harry C. Smith. Yesterday I was with my wife at Burnham-on-Crouch where we saw another beautiful example of a RCOD with the name ‘Corinna’. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of her so that later I could refer to it to examine her lines at my leisure. She is indeed, a beautiful creation put together by skilled craftsmen, faithfully built to precision according the rules of that outstanding one design class of yachts that have graced the waters of the River Crouch for nearly 80 years.

Everything about her looks absolutely right, from her subtle, almost imperceptible curve of the sheer to her toy like, dart-shaped keel. I love her cute counter with a gorgeous angled transom. Her laminated tiller and bendy extension are like the arm and hand of a ballerina inviting one for an irresistible, exquisite dance.

Because of my response to her beauty, I know that what I have been experiencing over the past week or so - a kind of estrangement, a void, almost an aversion to boats and things nautical - is coming to an end. I feel I am on the mend, but whether I shall regain the strength and vigour I had a year ago, I very much doubt. As regards to cruising, even day sailing at the moment, I have no desire. Perhaps if I buy an anchor to replace the missing one lost when trial sailing ‘Minnow’, I may feel like launching her for a taster to see how I get on.


*Royal Corinthian One Design Part 2

RCOD Homepage

Corinthian East Regatta 2014


Unknown said...

Hello Bill, you sound a lot more positive now.
I think you should trawl around e-bay for another anchor and chain. This time put a tripping line on it!!

Pete said...

How about a Paradox "meet up"?
We had 3 last year in Poole Harbour.
I'm sure we can rustle up all four this year..
An easy weekend, no pressure, enjoy the peace and quite of the shallows.


William Serjeant said...

Thanks Richard and Pete.

Yes, I'm feeling a bit better. I went for an eight mile walk from North Fambridge to Bridgemarsh Island and back on Monday, and I looked at 'Callidus', a 40ft classic yacht that was once owned by a friend who accompanied me on the walk.

Chatting about yachts and times past was a great help to me.

Regarding Poole, I would have to convince myself that I could manage the journey there and back, plus handle the boat on the water.

Pete, you have my email address; perhaps you could give me the dates and details for the Poole get together?