Sunday, April 27, 2014

Moments of Truth

Yesterday, my subject for the blog was, ‘Physical Health and Old Age’. I stated, “Reality affirms the truth that old age slows us down, reduces our powers of healing, and adversely affects our memory.” I had come to a moment of truth, and as a result, I realised I must adjust to a new lifestyle.

A moment of truth is a point in time when a decisive, but crucial action takes place, as when a matador finally thrusts his sword into the flesh of the bull and it dies. The matador gains a reprieve until his next bloody encounter.

Don’t get me wrong; there’s no way I can accord with the tortuous barbarism of bullfighting. Supporters will vociferously argue in favour of their so-called sport, but I abhor the practice – a practice of inflicting unnecessary pain upon animals bred for that very purpose.

We do not often find ourselves in the gladiatorial arena where the outcome may be death, but inevitably we experience moments of truth – these can be life-changing events.

Within the next few days, one of my granddaughters will give birth to a baby girl. Both the mother to be and the child will experience their moments of truth: the mother will expel her child from the womb, and the babe will take her first breath.


Moment of Truth



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