Monday, April 14, 2014

‘Callidus’ Again – Part 2

This is my fifth article featuring the beautiful Norman Dallimore classic yacht, ‘Callidus’. Since my previous write-up she has been kitted out with a fine winter cover. Her present owner has fitted a furling Genoa and equipped her with a set of new sails. After doing a big refit, including rebuilding the 35 HP Perkins diesel engine and completely rewiring the boat, plus modifying her interior, he has put her up for sale. Steve Booth of Essex Boat Shed has her on his books for £32,000, but she is advertised at Luxury for £39,000.

A 40 foot wooden yacht such as ‘Callidus’ requires constant maintenance. Her owner is forever dipping his hand in his pocket looking for change that isn’t there, and keeping her at a marina will knock him back several thousand pounds per annum, just for her to be tethered to a pontoon. Take her cruising and expenses multiply. More often than not, she cannot be sailed single-handed, which means looking for a compatible and able crew, and preferably a crew who are willing to pay their way.

Give me a small boat anytime in preference to a beauty like ‘Callidus’, because maintenance costs are negligible, especially if she is a trailer sailer, and sailing her single-handed gives the freedom to go when you like without having to arrange schedules weeks or months in advance. On the other hand if you are gregarious and have pots of money and you fall in love with a charming classic yacht, why not go for it? You cannot take your money to the grave, but you can share what you’ve got with others, and hopefully find pleasure in it.


‘Callidus’ Again

‘Callidus’ - A Classic Wooden Yacht


Classic Wooden Boat

1952 Dallimore 40

Wooden Sloop 39ft Dallimore 11 ½ Tonner

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