Thursday, June 14, 2012

Varnishing ‘Sandpiper’

When a boat is over forty years old you don’t expect the varnish to sparkle, as is the case with ‘Sandpiper’, but there is something about the tarnished wood that makes me feel at ease. She’s not that pristine that I’m afraid to work her because I might spoil surfaces by scratching them. I can feel comfortable and be at home, knowing that a blemish here and there will make little difference.

Over the years and at various times she has had to manage a bit of neglect when left in the open; she has been attacked by the elements: rain, sun, frost and snow. Therefore, I’m surprised how well she has come out of it, with only some crazing of the gelcoat, staining of the woodwork, and a few rusty fittings.

Today, I gave her woodwork a fresh coat of varnish to cheer her up and to make her feel loved. With all the cosmetic attention I’ve been lavishing upon her lately she really does have a broad smile and her teeth truly sparkle. She has invited me to share a jaunt on the water, and if only the weather would cooperate, I would be delighted to have our first date.

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