Monday, June 18, 2012

‘Sandpiper’s’ Autohelm

When I sold my last small cruising yacht I offered her new owner my Autohelm at a bargain price, but she did not want it. When she sold the yacht I offered the Autohelm to the person who bought her for the same bargain price, but he did not want it!

Now that I have ‘Sandpiper’, I’m glad I was unable to sell the electronic gear, because I feel sure I shall be able to make good use of it. Today I fitted the gizmo to ‘Sandpiper’, and tomorrow I would like to install a suitable battery for it, along with the associated wiring.

I’ve not yet made up my mind whether to add a solar panel for charging the battery, but if I’m only doing short cruises, I can charge the battery at home. A compromise would be to fit a cheap trickle charger similar to a Spectra 5W model.

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